What we offer to our customers.

D's Doggie Do's & Cats Too provides professional full pet grooming services for your favorite furry friends through out Bloomington, IN and the surrounding areas. Our friendly and loving staff is dedicated to providing your pets with a fun and comfortable experience. From nail clipping to flea dips, you can be sure they are in caring hands.


Name Description Price
Full Groom Includes(Bath, Dry, Brush, Groom, Style, Nail Clipping, Anal Gland Expression (If needed) Varies
Baths Baths vary by dog size and breed. Varies
Nail Clip & File We clip & file your pets nails. 20.00
Nail Filing Filling your pets nails for 2 paws. Size of dog determines the price. 10.00-15.00
Teeth lol Brushing We brush your pet's teeth. 10.00
Anal Gland Expresion We can express your pets anal gland's if they need it. 10.00

Self Wash Station Pricing

Availabe during regular business hours. Includes 5 shampoos/conditioners and a blow dryer. We also provide towels to help dry off your pet.

Length of Use Price
12 minutes of use of the Self Wash Station 15.00
18 minutes of use of the Self Wash Station 20.00
24 minutes of use of the Self Wash Station 25.00